Registration Open!!!

JBCD Season 1 Tryouts registration 2019-2020

Registration for season 1 Tryouts are now open! Tryouts are for ages 5+ 


All Tryouts will be held at The Academy, St Mary's Sports College,Hull

Saturday 20th July 2019!

Tryouts are held by age groups. You must select your age group with your age as of 31st August 2019.

Example: You are 11yrs old on 30th August 2019 and Turn 12yrs old on 1st September 2019, you must select the 11yrs old category.


1) All athletes  must register via our regustration form.  

 2) Fill in your details and select your category and your age range.       


 3) Arrive 15 minutes early at your selected time slot for your age group and category.

4) Have fun and show us what you can do!

Season 1 Tryouts 

Saturday 20th July 2019

11.15-12.15 Tiny Teenies (age 7 and under, please note must be 5+) and ;

Teenies (age 9 and under)

Both Tiny Teenies and Teenies will tryout at the same time. 

 ***please note if you already competed in this age group in May 2019, you can select this age group again if under 9 by the date stated. However if you are under 7, unless a FLYER, you must select Tiny Teenies 



12.15-1.15 Junior A ( 9-12)

 *** Please note if your child will be 13 by 31st May 2020, select Junior B

1.15-2.45 Junior B  (12-16) 

*** please note if you already competed in this age group in May 2019, you can select this age group again if under 16 by the date stated. However if you are under 12, unless a FLYER, you must select Junior A first. 



PLEASE NOTE -Those wanting to cross over into another team, e.g a flyer in Junior B, wanting to base in Junior A, please register for both age groups and let a member of staff aware you are wanting to do this. 

 Tryouts Registration Form

*** Please ensure you complete the registration form and register for the appropriate age groups*** 

Level 1 - Rolls, Cartwheels, Roundoffs , forwards and backwards walkovers
Level 2 - Front and back handsprings
Level 3 + Free cartwheel , Tuck somersault
Level 4 - Somersault with single twist
Level 5 - Somersault with double twist
Working towards Level 1
I confirm that I give full permission for JB Sports and Dance Ltd (JB Cheer Academy) to be photographed or filmed during lessons when appropriate and that said photographgs and video clips may be used for promotional purposes, on our website and on selected social media
I do NOT want my child photographed
I Hereby consent to JB Cheer and Dance Academy, processingmy/my child's personal data which I have supplied for the purpose of tryouts or joining the Academy. I understand that I have the choice not to grant my consent or, once given, to withdraw my consent at any one time. I acknowledge that witholding or withdrawing my consent to process this data may restrict the services and activities available through JB Cheer Academy and may cause Administrative delays. I understand information will be processed in line with JB Cheer and Dance Academy Data Privacy Notice. I can also confirm I have read the Privacy notice on this website.
I have been made aware of JB Cheer and Dance Academy Safeguarding Policy ( This is shown on our website, please ensure you have read this prior to consenting)
I agree that JB Sports and Dance Ltd can contact me via Address, Email or Telephone
I agree that my information is correct and entered onto a secure database owned by JB Sports and Dance Ltd, and will not be shared by anyone else.
This is to certify that I, as parent, Guardian, temporary Guardian with legalresponsibility for this particpant, do consent and agree not only to his/her release of all Releases, but also to release and indemnify the Releases from and and all liabilities incident to his/her involvement in these programs for myself, my heirs, assigns, and next of kin

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Our first ever UKCA Cheerleading Championships was held in Manchester on Saturday 18th May. Team Rockets placed 7th, and Team Nitro placed 3rd. Absolutely fantastic for a first competition. Well done everyone! 






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