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Teacher Mentor Programme

JB Sports and Dance Ltd has the expertise and experience to deliver bespoke training programmes to Teachers that will ensure they have skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver outstanding Physical Education.

All staff members will follow a staff protocol, where staff will work with the PE Teacher Mentor over a set period of time. The staff will begin observing the PE Mentor, team teaching lessons and finally teach the lessons. After every lesson, feedback will be given to the staff member with targets and ways of progressively moving forward,

Every Member of taff is different, and we aim to ensure all staff work at their own pace, gain confidence and secure knowledge to deliver, safe, fun and engaging lessons.

"Throughout the year, Miss Blowmans, support and advice allowed me to build my confidence in teaching PE, I was able to help lessons more engaging thanks to the help and support. 


I was supported to teach Gymnastics, and Dance Lessons. Miss Blowman Supported me in developing my subject knowledge and how to plan a different range of lessons to build on skills and techniques.The children thoroughly enjoyed the series of lessons and achieved great outcomes from the sessions"


Jack Stothard, KS2 Teacher, Victoria Dock Primary School.

" The mentor role has been very beneficial to me as an NQT.  I have been able to observe outstanding practice at close quarters and benefit from my own lessons. This has helped me change the way I deliv er lessons and also provided me with a great mentor to bounce ideas and plans off. 

I feel much more confident about differentiation in PE. I have also been able to use apparatus in my Gymnastics sessions, which was something I was uncomfortable doing at first, and now I feel very confident. 


Overall the PE mentor has been excellent and all of the work provided has given me a solid base to work from now and the future"


Nathan Ullah, KS2 Teacher- Estcourt Primary Academy. 

" My self confidence has grown a great deal, especially delivery Dance and Gymnastics. I now feel comfortable teaching all areas of PE, and I feel I can now follow and deliver plans to engage all the children in my class.


My own ability and knowledge around the PE subject has grown a great deal through working with my PE mentor. I am much more confident delivery PE lessons and I feel children achieve much more , than they did previously.


George Chatfield, KS1 Teacher, Victoria Dock Primary School.

CPD Courses 


JB Sports and Dance can offer PE training and support within your school delivered by our qualified PE Teachers and Dance Specialists. We can deliver Courses in all areas of the National Curriculum , that will allow teachers to develop their subject knowledge and gain confidence in the delivery of PE. 

"Having taken the role as a PE Mentor, I was most concerened about supporting staff with the delivery of high quality Dance lessons, as I had little experience of dance.

Following the dance training course provided by Jillian, I am now confidently supporting many class teachers, across all key stages, including foundation to create and deliver good dance lessons. This is a result of being able to pass on the information , strategies , ideas and resources learned on the course.

The day provided me with lots of great ideas and also simplified the teaching of dance and provided me with a simple, effective resource methos of using pictures and words as stimulus. The course also resulted in me having a good understanding of how to extend tasks through the introduction of more technical aspects of dance and specific vocabulary

Dance is an aspect of PE i now enjoy teaching. The pupils look forward to their dance lessons and are all engaged and on task throughout the lessons and make good progress.

The teachers I have supported by using the ideas obtained at the training day have all fed back positively in their evaluations of my work and are noe using these methods in their teaching to improve the dance lessons for their pupils"

James Dalleywater , PE Teacher and Mentor

Craven Primary Academy

" I attended a dance CPD session with Jillian not long after becoming a PE mentor. Dance was an area I am now so confident in teaching, yet the teachers in my school were asking for guidance in this area. I am so grateful to Jillian, as she taught me how to teach dance in a way that not only inspired me, but is creative and curriculum based. I have since passed this knowledge on to many individual teachers across all key stages, and have run CPD sessions for whole school cohorts. The feedback is heart warming of how teachers are no longer afraid to cover the full PE curriculum. When I see the delivery and children enthralled in the story of the dance, I know I have ( and Jillian) have succeeded. 


Tracey Marshall - PE Teacher and Mentor

Sidmouth Primary School. 

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